Church Leadership Team

Pastor: Bishop Travell Travis, Esq.

Co-Pastor: Lady Sherina Travis, Ed.S.

Senior Elder: Elder Allen B. Lewis, Jr.


Elders and Ministers: Pastor Travell Travis

Missionaries: Missionary Sonia Lewis

Deacons: Deacon Calvin Mason


Men of Valor: Elder Allen B. Lewis, Jr.

Women of Virtue: Missionary Janet Mason

Youth for Christ: Bro. Dominick Lewis


Covenant Keeper’s Marriage Ministry: Elder Allen and Missionary Sonia Lewis

Campus Ministry: Minister Nick and Missionary Chelly Wilson

CHURCH MINISTRIES provide the following for their respective affinity group (required for ancillary ministries).

  • Enrichment*
  • Evangelism
  • Fellowship*
  • Fundraisers*
  • Outreach
  • Monthly Service
  • Hold Regular Meetings & Planning Sessions
  • Host Annual Conference/Weekend*

Church Auxiliaries: provide a service or function within or to the church


Christian Education: Pastor Travell Travis

Culinary: Missionary Sonia Lewis

Finance: Deacon Calvin Mason

Hospitality: Sister Constance Fisher

Media: Sister Cierra C. Fisher

Music: Elder Allen B. Lewis, Jr.

Nursing: Missionary Chelly Wilson

Safety: Deacon Walter Fisher

Tabernacle Team: Missionary Sonia Lewis

Trustee Board: Pastor Travell Travis

Church Auxiliary Coordinators are responsible for: hosting regular training sessions, recruiting new members, fundraising and sponsoring an Annual/Biennial Service